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3xc3ption (1) [Avatar] Offline
hi there,

i have a problem on chapter 14.
The drag and drop between the views work fine, but when i drop an element outside, i get an uncaught exception.

i use include order:

if i use this include order:

all work fine!

Here is the error message from opera:
Uncaught exception: [object Object]
Error thrown at line 918, column 23 in <anonymous function: initialize>(element) in scriptaculous/effects.js:
called from line 89, column 6 in klass() in prototype.js:
this.initialize.apply(this, arguments);
called from line 7, column 37973 in <anonymous function: run>(m, v, r, u, n, x, w) in extjs3/adapter/prototype/ext-prototype-adapter.js:
p.effect=new Effect.Morph(,{duration:r,afterFinish:p.proxyCallback,transition:i[u]||Effect.Transitions.linear,style:l});
called from line 7, column 37422 in <anonymous function: color>(n, l, o, p, k, m) in extjs3/adapter/prototype/ext-prototype-adapter.js:
called from line 7, column 149907 in <anonymous function: fxanim>(E, F, C, G, D, B) in extjs3/ext-all.js:
var H=Ext.lib.Anim[C](this.dom,E,(F.duration||G)||0.35,(F.easing||D)||r,B,this);
called from line 7, column 140552 in <anonymous function: highlight>() in extjs3/ext-all.js:
called from line 7, column 146767 in <anonymous function: nextFx>() in extjs3/ext-all.js:
called via from line 7, column 147834 in <anonymous function: queueFx>(E, B) in extjs3/ext-all.js:
called from line 7, column 140289 in <anonymous function: highlight>(D, H) in extjs3/ext-all.js:
F.queueFx(H,function(){p(G).clearOpacity();p(G).show();function I(){[B]=E;p(G).afterFx(H)}[B];C[B]={fromsmilie||"ffff9c",to:H.endColor||p(G).getColor(B)||"ffffff"};arguments.callee.anim=p(G).fxanim(C,H,"color",1,"easeIn",I)});
called from line 7, column 553068 in <anonymous function: afterRepair>() in extjs3/ext-all.js:||"c3daf9")

Have anybody an idee, how can i fix this problem !?
Thanks and best regards.