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Hey Jon,

I'm reading the MEAP and on page 116, 4th full paragraph:

"C++ templates are more flexible in other ways, too. They don't suffer from the problem described in 3.6.2, ..."

There is no 3.6.2 and I'm not sure to which problem you are referring.
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Re: Chapter 3 Errata
In the 1st edition, this relates to "Lack of operator constraints or a “numeric” constraint".

I don't have my 2nd edition preview to hand, but there are workarounds to this issue; in 4.0 "dynamic" can be used to cheat. Before that you can do some sneaky things with dynamic code creation.

Edit (found my copy): in 2nd edition this is now 3.5.2; I'm guessing that it is now too late to fix this broken reference (Jon?)
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Re: Chapter 3 Errata
Nope, as it happens I fixed that in the source on Tuesday smilie