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chillax (1) [Avatar] Offline
I really like the book in the way that it has forced me to reevaluate how we build, test and deploy. I think it's great--and building every solution from source everytime is (in theory) fantastic.

The only bit of head scratching which still remains is the nested project references. Your example of laying out the code for an assembly and then importing it via svn:externals is great, but unfortunately too simplistic for it to be considered real world. You have a single assembly referenced by two separate assemblies. Let's say, instead, that you have assemblies A, B and C and another called Utilities. You could also substitute the source code of log4net if you don't like my ref to Utils.

A references Utils
B references A and Utils
C references A, B and Utils

so, when I checkout A, I have:

and I reference the Utils in my A.csproj via $(SolutionDir)libUtilsrcUtil.csproj

Now, in project B I have:

B/lib/A/{as above}

So, now when we do a checkout, we are getting Utilities in both the checkout for A and for B, we have to manually edit the project file to use these MSBuild variables and the story gets continues for C, now having checked out 4 instances of Utils.

SVN checkouts take a long time as do updates and then we also run into a separate problem of setting the build order manually as msbuild doesn't seem to use the same dependency graph as Visual Studio does to determine the build order.

Perhaps I am doing something completely wrong---could you please show me an example of how you would organize a larger project? How do you set your build order?

Thanks, Chris