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arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
It has been quite awhile since I added anything new to the book. I have my reasons (some would probably say excuses smilie ) mainly that finding the energy and time to write is very hard with a wife, 3 kids and a startup.

Anyway, I’ve been talking with Manning lately trying to figure out what to do with this project. I was quite amazed to learn that 1000 or so of you purchased the MEAP edition even though it only contains 5 chapters and haven’t been updated in a long time. (by the way I’ve also recently learned that book pirating sites are offering the book for download, but that’s another story). Anyway, we’re trying to decide what we want to do and this is where I’d love to hear some feedback from you

1. Do you think the book is still relevant today?

2. Do you think the book should be restarted form scratch to reflect recent

3. Do we need to cancel the book and end this fiasco ? or push it though to completion?

4. How valuable do you find the information in the book so far?

I am ready to put in time to to add enough patterns/anti-patterns to make the book releasable. but since I know it takes oodles of time I don’t really have I really want to know I am not wasting my time

Please leave a comment/drop me an email if you have anything to say

Thanks (and thanks for continues patience so far)
arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
jeffc666 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Your book is surely still relevant. It should not be restarted nor should it be canceled. The real fiasco is SOA itself not your book (but that is a topic far beyond the scope of my response!).

Personally, I feel ripped off by buying the MEAP version of this book. I bought the book nearly 3 years ago with the reasonable expectation that it would be content complete in the not too distant future, <12 months. 3 years later it is hardly content complete (really not much further along then it was 3 years ago!) and it seems it likely never will be.

Upon complaining to Manning the only response I received was a coupon to buy more Manning books, no thanks! Sure it is "only" $30, but it is the principle of the matter. I understand that the author can not always deliver the content, but the publisher would seem to want to keep customers rather than alienate them.
arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Hello Jeff
Thanks for your comments.
regarding SOA it was overhyped and hijacked by marketing folks in the big companies -something that happens to every good idea. I do believe there's still a very good benefit in building componentized , flexibly connected systems -- I see these benefits daily in the systems we build.

Regarding MEAP and Manning I'll pass that along (I am sure they also monitor the forums but just in case)
antipatternSkilled (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Well I think it would be better to have the book some day, it is another source of patterns in SOA I would like to see SOA from another point of view being that there's a movement to standarized SOA patterns. Answering your questions:
1) SOA is going to be used still a long while. Well some patterns are going to be left aside as CLOUD and emerging NoSQL become the mainstream and with them appear some other new patterns but most probably SOA will be used yet, mixing with these two new trends. The book could be relevant some time from now.

2) You can update the chapters where you see the pattern has changed in some way to reflect the most recent trends.

3) Are you going to finish the book or let it be a fiasco? Do you want to finish the book?

4) Valuable, but I find the patterns in the book different from the ones defined by Thomas Erl et all.

If you don't have time just say that you are not going to finish the book is better that way I think for all of us that bought the book.
Bobcat (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Yes the book is VERY relevant today. It's so good and valuable that
it would be a crime not to complete it.

Your book is a masterpiece - but the world (and you ) will never know that if you
don't complete it.
eheb (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
I think that the best solution is to update the book quicky to be time to market about SOA patterns. The other solutions spend too time.
Best regards.
dwcar49us (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
I think the book could be very useful, but only if completed fairly soon. I understand the issues of time management as an author, having written and published several books myself. One suggestionb would be to fins a co-author to assist in the work.
arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Thanks for the comments

Re co-author - I've tried to do that several times. I even have Udi Dahan and Eric Bruno signed as co-authors. Unfortunately both them and others don't seem to have time either.

Anyway, I am trying to to make progress. I just released the nano-services anti-pattern and I am currently working on Consumer-service pattern UI integration to SOA using a composite frontend (e.g. portal)

softwaresimian (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Please abandon the book. While it exists, you will be blocking any attempt by another author to write a similar text. No one will attempt to fill this space while this project is still alive.
arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
I am not that important that the mere presence of half-book will hold off or block others. You can search for "SOA patterns" and see.

I'd like to think that what I wrote/write is valuable but I guess that's debatable as well

pientkaf (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
the content is still relevant for me, so it would be fair to receive an book or coupon if SOA Patterns book would never be finished
I would prefer that the good book will be finished or updated with concepts like SOA-Cloud, REST-Patterns
metaphysis (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
As long as there are still developers out there, that haven't even heard about the general concept of patterns - Yes, books about patterns are relevant and needed.

As others said before, I also think the book should be finished and the older chapters reviewed and updated as neccessary.

Patterns are only useful if you know and remeber them - so it is always good to have a source of knowlegde and a reference to refresh the knowlegde like this book.

I will continue waiting for it!
kenh (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
The text and illustrations in your book up to this point is, in my opinion, excellent. I didn't read the 'fine print', so I was really disappointed to see there was so much missing - especially the illustrations for the existing text.

I think this is still an extremely relevant topic. Ok. Maybe some of the technologies have changed and maybe it's deployed on a cloud, but the basic principals still apply - your soa patterns. I am married and have 4 children, so I can appreciate your situation. Still, I hope for your sake (and mine) that you will finish it.
pardasanijk (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Hi Arnon,

Please do complete your book we are eagerly waiting for remaining chapters . However, you can update few of the contents in your technology mapping sections of patterns with latest happening in the Microsoft World like AppFabric, AppFabric Service Bus, Biztalk 2010, Windows Azure connect etc. that directly are connected to SOA

Thanks for providing such a nice content.

arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
Hi Jitendra
The technology mapping needs update for sure - but it is secondary to finishing the chapters smilie
I am talking with a few friends from my current company ( and hopefully few of them may join the project to help finish it.
In any event we're also thinking about adding a chapter on SOA and the Cloud

Toshe (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
In the first chapter you talk abot SOA. I didn't read it thoroughly, so please exceuse me if you have mentioned it, but I couldn't see what exactly SOA service represents.
For the answer you can read this article:

On your question how to continue with this project, I'd suggest to revise the material and continue. The software industry needs quality book with this title. (5) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns book – your opinion needed
I would love it if the material were updated and the book is completed.

I think this book can be a very valuable resource for SOA practitioners.