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I tried to figure out chapter 2 of source codes in Sping Source Tools as the instructions in the README.html accompanying the source code ,but I encounter a lot of errors in all sections and in Section2.6AspectJSpringIntegration:
All sections:
Cannot find artifact for parent POM: ajia:common-aspectj::1.0-SNAPSHOT for project
[inherited]:Section2.3AspectJAlternativeSyntax:jar:[inherited] at E:aja-codech02workspaceSection2.3AspectJAlternativeSyntax
1.The import org.springframework cannot be resolved
2.Multiple markers at this line
- ApplicationContext cannot be resolved to a type
- ClassPathXmlApplicationContext cannot be resolved to
a type

The error which shows in pom.xml displays in all of the sections:
Thank you very much ,I am looking forward for your answers
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Re: Problem with configuring source codes in Sping Source Tools
It seems you need to run which essentially does 'mvn install' on the common projects. Please try and let me know how it worked.