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Hi, there

Listing 4.2, ch4, p 125, the activationConfig setting is for Oracle App Server, but the downloaded code sample for glassfish is incorrect, which is:
@MessageDriven(name = "ShippingRequestProcessor", activationConfig = {

,mappedName = "ShippingRequestQueue"

the "destinationName" is for Oracle, the same deploy config would cause error when trying to deploy on glassfish v3. I don't wether there is someone has ever encountered this problem before.

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Re: About Listing 4.2 P125
Hi Aitch,
OracleAS requires the following

@MessageDriven(name = "ShippingRequestProcessor", activationConfig = {
@ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Queue"),
@ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationName", propertyValue = "jms/ShippingRequestQueue")})

Oracle does not require the mappedName. So what we have for Glassfish should work.

Disclaimer: We have not tried this in latest version of Glassfish