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TLCinAction (32) [Avatar] Offline
I would like to be able to drag and drop from the detail grids (employee grid on dept form)

to another grid declared in the form header area - replacing the dept form with a grid.

Are there any examples of Drag and Drop in an application like this? How would you incorporate the Drag and Drop example from Ch 13 into an application like this?

I am not totally sure where I should be taking the DnD functions and placing them within the Department Form sequence.

Does that make sense or can I supply some code/pseudocode/screenshots of what I am trying to accomplish? Where should I post a screenshot for this forum?
jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Drag and drop within Ch16 Application

What you need to do is implement the drag portion of the code from the second drag and drop chapter dataview with the drop portion of the grid panel.
TLCinAction (32) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Drag and drop within Ch16 Application
Sorry - can you reference the section in the book so I can look it up.
TLCinAction (32) [Avatar] Offline
NM - Solved
I grabbed Saki's example code and it works well
jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: NM - Solved