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More errata, I think:

Page 170 near the bottom
>>> book..close() too many dots

Page 175 paragraph above 14.1.2

Page 213
my_button = Button(text="Hello!", foreground="red")") too many ")s

Page 226 up from 17.2
than Python returns s/b then

Page 239
import ... version and then versions in the text below

Page 241 above 18.6
prefacing s/b prefixing

Page 249 above 20.2
special attribute methods instead of special method attributes.

Page 252
special function attributes instead of special method attributes.

Page 296
In midpage there are several instances in the text describing calls to X:X (e.g. make_server:make_server).
I suspect that all those X:X references should be, perhaps, httpd.X instead.


The use of : (colon) is not well described. It just appears in the examples.
The help pages do specify this clearly.

The @whatever syntax can benefit from additional treatment. Some uses of it seems to be like C's #pragma.

I have a GUI project in mind and toward that end I'm practicing with some free examples.
So far I've converted a P2 Tk project to P3 Tk.
It was unexpected to find most all the widgets in the tkinter/ file, 3700 lines of it.
The python -v option was very helpful in finding what happened to tkFont and where things are being found.
This: import tkFont # Import the font creation module
Became: from tkinter.font import * # Import the font creation module
Not everything is automatically imported with tkinter.
This goes away: from Dialog import Dialog # Import the dialog-box code
And This: f = tkFont.Font ( family="Arial", size="10" )
Became: f = Font( family="Arial", size="10" )
Much better but I still find there's little 'glue' between all the parts, documentation-wise.

I have yet to find a heavy duty example of the Text widget. If you know of one I'd like to hear about it.

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Re: Errata 2 and comments
Thanks for bug reports - I'll add those to the errata list for the future.

I would agree with your comments on tkinter in 2.x vs 3.x... but no, I don't have a great heavy duty for the Text widget either.