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I bought Flexible Rails some months ago anticipating an upcoming project, and am just now getting down to tackling using Flex as the UI for my RoR projects.

As usual I have more computer books than I can read, and before I begin in on this one, I wonder if I am too late, given Flash Builder 4's release last week. I have downloaded Catalyst, and anticipate liking it as a design enviroment as I already use and like Fireworks/PS/Illustrator. My question is, given Flex 4's change in the seperation of the view into a skin as I understand it, should I just wait for an update to Flexible Rails, or should I just plow ahead and hope that what I learn about Flex3 on Rails 2 is going to be useful?

Do you think it will be useful? Is there another book planned? I see the author has written a book solely about Flex4...should I read that instead?
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Re: Flex 4...Catalyst...and Flexible Rails
I got this reply in Adobe's Flex Forum, which would seem to suggest that studying Flex 3 on Rails 2 would not be a waste of time, as there is carry over to Flex 4.

"Backend connection services (RemoteObject, WebService, and HTTPService) have not changed between Flex 3 and Flex 4.

So, everything in the book you have that relates to connecting to the backend is probably still applicable."

Any comments?
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Re: Flex 4...Catalyst...and Flexible Rails


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