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skea (2) [Avatar] Offline
Somebody help me. I cant figure out this. I would like to get the percentage of votes by each candidate in every province. Something like .

Percentage for Sam_Kea=

(Total_Sum_Of_Votes_Cast_for_Sam_Kea_In_All_Pronvinces / Total_Sum_Of_Votes_Cast_For_All_Candidates_In_All_Pronvinces)* 100.

Here is my xml below.

1 <root>
2 <Candidates>
3 <Sam_Kea/>
4 <Jeje/>
5 <John_Doe/>
6 </Candidates>
8 <Provinces>
9 <Province name='ProvinceA' Registered_Voters='115852'>
10 <Candidate name='Sam_Kea' votes='100'/>
11 <Candidate name='Jeje' votes='500'/>
12 <Candidate name='John_Doe' votes='400'/>
13 </Province>
15 <Province name='ProvinceB' Registered_Voters='25852'>
16 <Candidate name='Sam_Kea' votes='200'/>
17 <Candidate name='Jeje' votes='100'/>
18 <Candidate name='John_Doe' votes='300'/>
19 </Province>
21 <Province name='ProvinceC' Registered_Voters='317684'>
22 <Candidate name='Sam_Kea' votes='1000'/>
23 <Candidate name='Jeje' votes='1200'/>
24 <Candidate name='John_Doe' votes='190'/>
25 </Province>
26 </Provinces>
28 </root>
fabrice.marguerie (224) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Get Percentage linq2xml
What about this very direct solution?:

[pre]var xml = XElement.Parse(yourXmlString);
var votesForCandidate =
.Where(c => (String)c.Attribute("name"smilie == "Sam_Kea"smilie
.Sum(c => (int)c.Attribute("votes"smilie);
var totalVotes =
.Sum(c => (int)c.Attribute("votes"smilie);
var result = (double)votesForCandidate / totalVotes * 100;
skea (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Get Percentage linq2xml
Thanks so much.This has helped me alot.
I wish i had not restructured mu xml file. processing attributes is such a pain.