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Just like to say, great book. I spotted the title on the book shelf, got interested, and bought the book midway through last year - havent looked back - Flex and Rails is a great combo - Ruby is outstanding having come from an AS background. Peter, can't thank you enough - honest.

Enough of the love in, now the question...

Has anybody found a decent generator script for Rails that will also create AS Models for the Flex side?

What I thought of doing was to hook in to the Rails scaffold generator so that when the RB Models are created, the same AS models are written to the Flex project. The location of the Flex project might be able to be stored as an Environement Variable in Rails?

I've got a few ideas I'd like to go forward with on this side, but not sure how to hook into the scaffold code. If anyone else out there is interested (Peter?) I'd be happy to start up a Github project to work others and post it to the Rails community.

I can see ways of massively improving dev times if I can generate AS VO models, a ModelLocator (to be kept updated as each new Model is generated), and two other AS files (Packager, and Refiner) for handling data in and out of Flex (both of which would also need to be kept uptodate with each new Model).

I could write the Ruby scripts to create, and maintain these AS files, I just need to hook into the generator.

I'm going to have a good dig around Ruby when I get the chance, but just thought I'd see if any Flex/Rails users out there knew of an existing solution, or would like to help create one.