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Chapter 12
I gave up after 12.2: looks like there is a lot of editing needed first. Also, for 12.2, I added some language suggestions for a probably non-native english writer; could be ignored but the sense is sometimes difficult to get out otherwise.

2 lines before 12.1: spacing between 'studies' and 'who'
Figure 12.1 'FIXME' ?; and 12.2, also term#4 in 12.2 (?ellipsis); and 12.3 FIXME, 12.4, 12.5
12.1.4 penultimate paragraph: 'So what we wind up with a best guess' to 'So what we wind up with is a best guess'
12.1.6 penultimate paragraph: 'miss-classified' to 'misclassified'
2 lines before 'Combining Indexes' section in 12.1.7: spacing in '5 characters to store' before the 'to'
In section 12.2 you have footnotes numbered i, ii, iii and so on, and they are at the end of 12.2: does not match with the 1,2,3 superscript notation used in the rest of the book; and the reader may not know where to look when encountering the i, ii: what about 1,2,3 and at the bottom of the same page?
Sentence before 12.2.2 insert 'a' and hyphen to give 'it serves as a large-scale'
12.2.2 section 'The Advantages of using SIREn ...' sentence 2: to 'Some of these ...'
Start of next paragraph: to 'large amounts'
Next sentence: to 'or with multiple schemata'
Next sentence: to 'SIREn allows one to '
Last sentence of paragraph: 'in the following' to 'in what follows'
Next section (SIREn enables ...): line 5: ?'each query terms' to 'each query term'. Line 6: to 'an explosion in the number of query terms. One ... to copy all the other ... . ... it (1) ... ; (2) ... .'
Next section: 'Since the data schema'.
Next section (SIREn enables flexible ...): 'Data schema are'.
2 lines before 12.2.3: change ending to something like '... searched separately or together as one unit.'
12.2.3 sentence 1: ending to '... indexes entities.'
12.2.4 line 6 refers to Table 1: ?Table 12.2.1 probably.
Line 11: 'hat to 'that'; and Listing 7 - which one is that?; 'such combination' to ?'just such a '?.
12.2.5: line 2: [1] may be Table 12.2.1. Next sentence: add colon to give 'list of information:'
Line 11: to 'term occurrences'
2 lines before 12.2.6: 'These identifiers'.
Table 12.2.2: may be my display, but section 3 is truncated (... previou), probably previously, may need wrapping?
3 lines after Listing 12.2.3: 'downstream the' to 'the downstream'. 2 lines later: 'This offers'.
4 lines before Listing 12.2.4: 'down an URI' to (better) 'down a URI'. Same 2 lines later.
We have some British spelling! 'Normalisation' rather than US 'z'; in text and also in heading for Listing 12.2.4.
12.2.8 start: maybe 'We present here ...'. Next sentence 'These query ...'.
Section 'Searching Content': 'SIREn provides primitive ... . ... provide ... .'
Listing 12.2.6: text 'whose' to ?'which'. Text following the listing: indentation of turnover line of 3 (b) (?move left to align with 'At each step' above it).
Next Section ("Restricting ...": line 10, ?remove 'and'
Section "Querying an Entity Description": first sentence: "allows one' to ' to allow one'. 2 sentences later 'Listing 7' to 'Listing 12.2.7'.
Listing 12.2.7 heading: the '7' needs aligning (?or font is too small)
12.2.9 heading: 'to' to 'into'. 2nd paragraph: need superscript 'iv'. Next paragraph 'Listing 8' to 'Listing 12.2.8'
2 lines before Listing 12.2.8: 'frontend' to 'front end'.
12.2.10: need superscript 'v'.
4 lines after Table 12.2.3: 'and enables' to 'which enables it to'
8 lines after Table 12.2.3: 'that each term occurs at' to 'where each term occurs'
Line before Table 12.2.4: 'is below twice' to 'is less than twice'
After Table 12.2.5: to 'In Tables 12.2.4 ... conjunction or disjunction ... .'
5 lines after Table 12.2.6: 'SIREn takes' to 'SIREn has'
12.2.11 line 1: to 'large amounts'. Next sentence 'directly coming' to 'coming directly'. Next sentence in (1) to 'large numbers of fields'. Add comma after 'lexicon size'. In (3) 'field name indexing'. In (4) 'a' to 'an'. End of next paragraph: to '... for other properties or for performing ... .' Next paragraph: '50 million structured ... per minute ... .' Superscript the vi.
Next line: not sure where the [1] ref is in the text; maybe it should be at the start of 12.2 on the 'contributed by' line?

Section 12.2.5: 2nd sentence after bullet '80 million terms': to 'the queries get'. ?remove ellipsis 3 lines later. In the pseudo-code, number 5: to 'first 20'.
12.3.6 line 1: 'all use'. Next sentence: 'use'.
12.3.7 line 1: 'onward'. Next line: superscript vi - ?should be vii if it is a continuation of section 12.2. But I did not see the actual footnote anywhere!
Another FIXME line 3, (also the Figure caption). Line 4: 'hint of' to 'hint at'.
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Re: Chapter 12 proof errors
Thanks, I'll fold these in!