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JGF1 (322) [Avatar] Offline
Basically there are a few fixes that should be included.
1) is_image_file:
Code differs from book.
Seems there are two versions of thumbs, but one of them causes an array subscript error.
you can't just check for $last - 2 when $last is less than 3.
You end up with 3 images per name:
x.jpg, x.thumb.120.jpg x.thumb.jpg.
So you can just check the first element of bits being not equal to "thumb". (bits array is zero based).

function is_image_file($entry,$path){
if ($bits[$last]=='jpg'){
//ignore the thumbnails we've already made!
if ($is_image) {
return $is_image;

2) the position of the '/' is in the wrong place.
You end up with a query string that starts with '/'
You append a directory and get '//dir.pic.jpg/
So you end up with extra '/' on front ` & back end.
remove '/' and replace with '' (empty string) for first occurrence of $tmp_path in get_breadcrumbs
then on second evaluation of $tmp_path in foreach loop instead of $value.'/', replace with '/'.$value

In index.php, get rid of first closing anchor tag after image. The one after php echo will suffice.