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apgw (6) [Avatar] Offline
Chapter 8:
8 lines before 8.1 'equal' not 'equally'?
line 7 8.1.4 insert 'one' and 'to' to give 'Scripting Luke lets one interactively... to access ...'
fig 8.6 description - another 'builtin'
8.2 line 1: 'It houses' to 'They house'
table 8.1, section 'compound.*' add hyphen to 'hyphenation based'
table 8.1 section ngram.* hyphenate ngrams to n-grams (as per section shingle.* further down); also 2 lines before 8.2.1; but see 8.2.2 ...
3rd line after table 8.1 'smartn' maybe 'smart'
listing 8.2 explanatory text at end, the #2 second occurrence: should probably be in proportional font and line up with the other #3, #4 ...
section 8.4 add hyphen to 'multi colored' in line 16; same 17 lines before 8.5
Sentence before fig 8.9 'should see an html' ?to 'the html output shown' or similar
listing 8.4 last lines: these are usually in fixed-width font
section 8.5.2 line 2 're-spellings'; again first line of section 8.5.3
section 8.5.4 4th bulleted item, not sure of meaning of 'If you high search traffic'

Chapter 9:
Last line before Listing 9.1: bob and sue may prefer Bob and Sue; more occurrences a bit later on as well
Listing 9.1 last lines: use fixed-width font?; same Listing 9.2, 9.3
End of Listing 9.5: alignment needed
Last bullet before 9.5.2: not sure about 'bob salaries'
Listing 9.9: I did not see the #7 in the code, but it has a note at the end of the listing; the line needs reformatting - no indent on second part of sentence (line 2)?
Line before listing 9.10: 'plus main function' to 'plus a main function'; it also has 'Potomac...' in twice
9.7.3 add colon after 'problems' line 5; section 'Density of Results' line 6 add 'to' to give 'the key is to spread'
End of listing 9.13: need a line for #F
4th bullet before 9.11: 'improvements' spelling

Chapter 10:
Add period end of first paragraph
Table 10.1 'Reverse native port': 'eg' to 'eg.' in the 'Cons'
section 10.1.2 line 13 'etc' to 'etc.'; another one 10.3 line 20
Table 10.2 line 3: the website is not fully hyperlinked in my pdf - only the http://sourceforge is underlined in blue; generally, some 'http://' references are hyperlinked and some not in this chapter (eg. tables 10.5, 10.6, 10.8 are not)
Line before 10.4.2 'follow-on'
Last line before 10.7 "more so"

Chapter 11
line 6 1st paragraph: 'tip-top'; end of 2nd 'hands-on'
section 11.1 1st line paragraph 3 'no matter'
3 lines before 11.1.1 'turning; to 'tuning'
section 11.1.2 'open-minded' line 6
11.1.2 6 lines before 'Apples and Oranges': insert 'an' to give 'You simply write an algorithm...'
section 11.1.5 bulleted entry #10: rearrange to 'to restrict fields to exactly those that...'
Line before 11.3: 'Lucene's' to 'Lucene'
Listing 11.6: no #F explanation at end
section 11.6 line 9 add 'of' to give 'you have a couple of drop-in...'
mike.mccandless (221) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapters 8,9,10,11 proof errors
Super! I'll fold in... thanks.