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jkuusik (6) [Avatar] Offline
Can You please provide some advanced examples for readers about cast() function?

I am missing function for calculating trend of given x (slope of regression line for time series, which will be aggregated).

For example:
y = c(1.3, 1.6, 2.3, 4.5) - this vector will be aggregated - response variable
x = c(1,2,3,4) - just lenght(y) - explanatory variable

I am missing formula for regression slope (beta_1) with arbitrary length of y

some working examples from me:

M_mean<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, mean)
M_median<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, median)
M_std<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, sd)
M_range<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, function(x) max(x) - min(x))
M_skew<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, function(x) sum((x-mean(x))**3/sqrt(var(x))**3)/length(x))
M_kurtosis<-cast(melt_data, ID_1+ID_2~variable, function(x) sum((x-mean(x))**4/var(x)**2)/length(x) - 3)

Jüri Kuusik