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apgw (6) [Avatar] Offline
Some more small points:
5.2.3 first line 'If the order documents were indexed' insert 'in which'
5.2.5 line 6 'where the year and month combined' to 'where the year and month are combined'
2 lines before 5.2.7 mixed font usage (BYTE, SHORT...LONG)
5.3 line 8 remove 'with': 'One document with uses'
end of Listing 5.7: looks like font is too large
Line 8 of NOTE in 5.4: to 'textual field is that it allows'
5.5.1 following figure 5.1 the 'brown' font size too large?
last line of 5.5.4: last sentence in its own paragaph?
5.5.6 first sentence insert 'does' at end
end of Listing 5.12 ?duplicate line '#1 setUp() establishes...'; and add hyphen 'an all inclusive' to 'an all-inclusive'
5.6.8 remove 'A' from heading
5.7.1 line 5 'approach is to use, FieldScoreQuery,' to 'approach is to use FieldScoreQuery,'
Table 5.2 section 2 'postions' to 'positions'
just before table 5.5 another 'builtin' (+others elsewhere, needs a global fix)
5.1.1 line 6 'show' to 'shown'

Chapter 6 proof errors
5 lines before 6.3 'you the docids' add hyphen? or 'docIDs'
6.4.3 footnotes 4 and 5 have different font sizes
6.6 line 7, add comma after 'Finally'

Part II introduction: 'nitty gritty' to 'nitty-gritty'
3rd paragraph before 7.3: remove duplicate 'directly'
mike.mccandless (221) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapters 5,6,7 proof errors
Super, thanks!