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apgw (6) [Avatar] Offline
(apologies for previous posting for chapter 2 - I was using an earlier verion of the pdf and the more recent Jan version already had some of the corrections)

Chapter 3:
about 8 lines before first table 3.1: replace 'builtin' with 'built-in'
section 3.1 line 5 insert 'on' after 'focus'
section 3.4 line 13, use of word 'contrib'?, and line 18, end of 3.4.2; also 3.5.13 line 11 (+many others, (new word to me!))
section 3.4.3 line 3 'trie' should be 'tree'?
section 3.4.7: page 124: need to carry over the 'WARNING' onto next page (?maybe the final formatting does this kind of thing)
section 3.4.8 line 3: 'Levenshtein distance it’s a measure of' needs period: 'Levenshtein distance. It’s a measure of'
section 3.5.3, the Note: 'Nondate range queries' to 'Non-date range queries'
section 3.5.4 another 'builtin' line 3, to 'built-in'
section 3.5.8 line 3 'You an optionally' probably should be 'You can optionally'
section 3.5.10 line 2 'came capability' probably 'same capability'

Chapter 4:
section 4.1 line 11 'builtin' to 'built-in'
section 4.1.2 remove indent before 'QueryParser will invoke the analyzer' after query example ' “president obama” +harvard +professor'
section 4.2.2 text to figure 4.3 change 'TokenFilters' to 'TokenFilter'
section 4.2.3 4 lines before figure 4.5: 'Nonletter characters form token' to 'Non-letter characters that form token'
section 4.2.3 6 lines after figure 4.5: 'builtin' to 'built-in'
section 4.2.4 after table 4.2: 'With this reuse API,' maybe to 'With this reusable API,'?
A bit later under sub-heading 'TOKEN-TYPE USEFULNESS': 'You can use the token-type value' to 'You can use the token type value' (remove hyphen)
section 4.2.5 about line 29: 'We’ve added a utility method to our AnalyzerUtils that asserts tokens match' insert another 'that' to get 'We’ve added a utility method to our AnalyzerUtils that asserts that tokens match'
section 4.2.5 4 lines from end: 'A Token consist values for a' to 'A Token consists of values for a'
section 4.3, table 4.3: twice 'text at non-letter' to 'text at non-letter'
section 4.3.2 the footnote needs a superscripted '1'
section 4.7.2 line 2: 'one analyzer use to analyze' to 'one analyzer used to analyze'; line 7 'helpful builtin' to 'helpful built-in'
section 4.7.3 line 2: 'numbers, etc should' to 'numbers, etc. should'
Following listing 4.14 the code font size is too large (figure 4.smilie?
Listing 4.15: at end in commentary, vertically line up lines with "#1, #2, #3"
mike.mccandless (221) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapters 3,4 proof errors
Thanks, I'll fold these in!