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serverdude (24) [Avatar] Offline
it's -> its, and its -> it's
Just went through the January 2010 edition looking for "it's" and "its" here are my recommended changes:

it's -> its

p.10 "The framework specification is now on it's fourth"
p.24 "It's component model is more advanced"
p.31 "That way the motor can have it's version of it's cogs and the transmission it's version."
p.37 figure 2.7 "the bundle carries it's module metadata inside it as part of it's manifest data"
p.69 "for now we just need to know it's method signature."
p.69 figure 2.20 "Bundle A's class space is defined as the union of it's bundle classpath with it's imported packages"
p.80 "necessarily convince you of it's worth."
p.81 "started in it's place."
p.82 "has it's own specific mechanism"
p.257 "a single package without it's siblings."
p.270 "and use it's listConfigurations()"
p.287 "and calling it's listRepositories() method,"
p.364 "publish it's service"
p.366 "backups is set in it's place at #8."
p.369 "is packaged in it's own bundle"
p.370 "whether it's service is actually required."
p.371 "we list it's services at #2."
p.375 "the shape and it's icon"
p.379 "to track it's activation state"
p.381 "option to update it's internal state"
p.383 "have up it's sleeve"
p.383 "requests it's service interface."
p.389 "start to manage it's lifecycle."
p.390 "becomes available to take it's place."
p.392 "after it's properties have been injected."
p.398 "it's use of byte code weaving; Java annotations; and it's extensible Handlers API."
p.403 "map of it's service attributes"
p.403 "java.util.Dictionary of it's service attributes"
p.405 "unless all of it's dependencies are satisfied."
p.408 "but it's use of byte code engineering"
p.468 "call it's isSatisfied() method"
p.479 "and wire together it's dependencies"
p.484 "registered from it's service attributes at #3."
p.486 "HttpService or it's extensions."
p.487 "declares it's dependencies"
p.487 "takes it's configuration parameters"
p.488 "must embed it's own set"
p.495 "can make it's best"

its -> it
p. 124 "Conceptually, the first step prepares the operation and the second step, called refreshing, enacts its."

its -> it's
p.352 "Its not some arbitrary decision about who sees what."
p.439 "its easy to prevent access to the service entirely"
p.445 "Now, maybe its obvious"
p.463 "With that, its easy to grant permissions"
p.474 "Its easy to implement and provide additional conditions"