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I've downlaoded a source code from here http://www.manning.com/allen/ZFiA_Code.zip
And I've encountered few problems. First is in RegisterController:
When I fill the registration form I receive this error:
Notice: Undefined variable: user in ...RegisterController.php on line 38

Fatal error: Call to a member function registerUser() on a non-object in ...RegisterController.php on line 38
How I can fix this problem?
And second question:
What is the password for users which're stored in DB. For example for "nick"?I haven't found an answer in book.
Thank you!
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Re: Problem with user regestration
I have the same problem.
I think some parts are missing cant find a function registerUser in the project, so i guess that part was never completed.

The password part: You can better put something in the salt and than recalculate the a password u know and use that.