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Thanks for visiting the forum. I hope you're finding the book useful.

Please post any comments/questions you have here and I'll do my best to address them.

Thanks again!
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Re: Welcome!

This is all small stuff relating to spelling and formatting. Love the book so far - looking forward to the next installment. The description of how to register and do provisioning was helpful, and the section on distributing apps especially so. I liked the way you used the mail feature in your example app too.

With regard to layout, I'm reading this on an iMac (24inch) using Preview version 5.0.1 (503)
The preferences are standard default with pdf settings:
Document scale - size to fit
Define 100% scale - size on screen equals size on printout.

I don't think that makes a difference to the pdf page layout, but I'm not sure.

Congratulations - Nick

Page 2, 2nd para:
Spelling mistake - strengthes - should be: strengths.

Page 11. the URL in section 1.2.1:
(Human Interface Guidelines) does not display properly in the pdf version, the right end is missing, and the text - Guidelines (the HIG) above is shown full justified so it spreads out over the full line

Page 12 List of helpful blogs and websites: is listed twice.

Page 16. Last line:
The URL in section 2.1.1 displays correctly on the next page but the text - Start by going to this site. - shows full justified in the pdf version.

Page 32 bottom of page:
The URL for the iPhone Application Programming Guide is missing the right hand end, and the line above is full justified in the pdf version.

Page 35. KeyBinding list:
Suggestion: The bindings for indenting and un-indenting several lines of text would be useful. Indent to Right - Command + ]
Indent to left (Un-indent) - Command + [

Page 40 Section 2.3:
The text inside the gray box has an URL which stretches outside to the right and does not display the full path. The text above it is full justified.

Page 41 Section 2.3.1

Same problem with the URL in the gray box here too. This seems to be a recurring problem, so I assume its a fault with the software that exports the pdf version. It doesn't happen with all URLS though, on page 40 there is an URL above the box -

This displays fine as do other URLs seen so far. If you are using Word, I suggest you turn on the View Hidden Characters feature and compare the two to see if there's something in the text causing this.

Page 42 table for methods that must be implemented by a delegate:
Are these methods are meant to start with an underscore character? If not then I suggest you remove it as it is confusing, especially for a beginner. Again - if you are using Word, you can center a cell text vertically if that was your intent.

As a point with regard to formatting - having no blank line between paragraphs makes the text very dense, and the first line indent for new paragraphs doesn't really help especially when you have full justification so some lines have text stretched out across the page with gaps in between them. Having a blank line would make the text much more readable.

Page 44 Bottom of page:
Same problems with URL and the txt above.

Page 53 picture of iPhone:
Needs to be reduced slightly. In the pdf version it runs over to the next page. There is also a line on the left side that could be cropped out.

Page 55 Top of page - List of methods to call:
Listing them vertically rather than in line would make it easier to read. This would also push the heading for listing 2.8 (at the bottom of the page) over onto the next page so it would appear with the rest of the listing.

Page 59 and 60. The illustration flows over both pages. It might be better to collapse most of the attributes inspectors sections and deal with each section in turn, using a series of images that show the relevant section expanded and the rest collapsed so it will fit on one page.

Many of the images in this chapter could be reduced in size in order to allow for descriptive text to appear on the same page, as you have done on page 77.

Page 76 Bottom of page.
Spelling mistake - The UIView can contain multple subviews - should be: multiple.

Page 82. using the id parameter:
You say in the text that this reference can be used like any other UIButton reference. A one line code example to demonstrate this would be useful, or clarify that the coder should use the command word sender, not id.

Page 95 2nd para -
Spelling mistake - those methods feel a bid heavy handed - bit not bid?

Now I'm going to start taking some of your advice and trying out the sample code.
bear.cahill (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome!

You are a rock star!!! Thanks for all of the great corrections!!!!

bear.cahill (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome!

You are a rock star!!! Thanks for all of the great corrections!!!!