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craig.berntson (25) [Avatar] Offline
We are covering CCNet, TeamCity, and TFS 2010 in the book. We wondering what CI server are you using?
Shauny (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
Hi. Yes TeamCity for us.
karlmet (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
We are using Final Builder Professional. It comes with a fine web server where we create triggers for our final builder projects. Also, the web server create a web site where we can see which builds is currently running.

I am very surprised that Final Builder is not included in chapter 4 where you compare different CI solution.
craig.berntson (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
The big question is "What CI servers do we cover and what do we leave out? FinalBuilder? Hudson?" It would be impossible to cover all of them. It was a tough call for us. Initially we were just going to cover a couple of low or no cost CI servers. Then, Microsoft announced new bundling for TFS 2010 and we realized it had to be included.

But, just because your server isn't included doesn't mean you won't find value from the book. You may get ideas for additional testing or code metrics, feedback mechanisms, installation, distribution, databases, etc that you hadn't considered.

We'd love to hear your feedback on these topics as you read the chapters.
Havremunken (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
Hi there,

I am on the MEAP and was at first a little disappointed that you apparently will not talk much about Hudson. Let me just say up front that I am sure I will still get a lot of value from the book - so please don't take this as a complaint.

However, when I first realized I had to look into CI (I am a solo developer at a company, trying to get into some best practices), Hudson was the clear winner for me. There are two big factors that made me make this choice, and I believe others might follow the same arguments:

1) The price is right
2) Configuration is clean and easy

I looked into TeamCity and CC.Net before stumbling upon Hudson. TeamCity was deemed too expensive for a very small company like ours, but I liked the product. CC.Net represents everything we are trying desperately to move away from, such as evil XML files and complexity that feels like drowning.

Hudson, on the other hand, with the clean web interface and easy plugin installation, plus a growing number of plugins etc. to include .Net stuff (like MSBuild tasks, Gallio test results, NCover code coverage, FxCop and StyleCop and compiler warnings code quality measurements), really was a very very nice fit for me/us.

While I appreciate that much of the information and many of the concepts in the book will apply to any CI server, in a perfect world (designed by me), Hudson would at least get a mention and treated as an equal. The blogosphere seems to notice it like they did with Git a while back.. perhaps with a wee bit of suspicion (it's from the Java world after all), but as a worthy up-and-coming challenger.

Well, that was my opinion. Looking forward to the book, enjoying the MEAP so far. smilie

Best regards,

Rune Jacobsen
craig.berntson (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?

I appreciate your concerns about not including Hudson. It came down to balancing the length of each chapter with providing value. We knew there would be some disappointed with not including Hudson, but if we had decided to drop TeamCity or CCNet, there would be readers disappointed with that decsion.

I personally have not used Hudson, but am in the process of evaluating it for a company that is on an old version of Borland C++ Builder.

It's good to hear you're enjoying the book. I hope it adds value to your CI process.
mpaladino (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
We're currently evaluating TeamCity and CC.NET. TeamCity seems easier to get up and running, but the cost may drive us to CC.NET.
craig.berntson (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
Interesting perspective. Seems like many teams are going to TeamCity or Hudson because of the setup/maintenance costs of CCNet
samkenny (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
We're using Bamboo. I found CC.NET too complicated to setup for what it is. We already use the Atlassian products Jira and Confluence and Bamboo was a breeze to setup. Its still essentially a layer on top of NANT/MSBuild, but it works very well and the integration with Jira and Perforce adds a lot of value.
CRGSoft (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What CI server are you using?
Team City for me.