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I have a problem, I have the following script where you run as User common when the same place in the TS, and from the logon user need to check your printer session and share it and give permission to a particular group in the same print.
with all necessary information, but need to change permissions of the Administrative credential


$ result = $ COMP_IMP.Put ()
Setacl.exe-on "NOME_IMP $"-ot prn-ACTN ace-ace "n: $ HOSTNAME $ GROUP_NAME p: full"

I tried various ways but without success.

following the script:

$NOME_IMPRESSORA = "HP Laserjet 1018"
$NOME_GRUPO = "impressao"

$whoami = whoami
$tokens = $whoami.split('\')
$HOSTNAME = $tokens[0]
$USERNAME = $tokens[1]

query session $USERNAME | select-string -pattern $USERNAME > temp.txt
$x = get-content temp.txt
$x = [string]::join(" ", $x)
$words = $x.split(" `t", [stringsplitoptions]::removeemptyentries)
$SESSION_ID = $words[2]




###$pass = cat c:scriptsenha.txt | convertto-securestring -key (1..16)

###$mycred = new-object -typename
System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist "marceloimpressora",$pass

$COMP_IMP = Get-WmiObject -class win32_printer | where {$ -match "$NOME_IMPRESSORA"} | where {$ -match"sessão $SESSAO_ID"} | where {$ -match "de $HOST_CLIENT"}

$COMP_IMP.shared = "0"
$result = $COMP_IMP.Put()


setacl.exe -on "$NOME_IMP" -ot prn -actn ace -ace "n:$HOSTNAME$GROUP_NAME;p:full"