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ClockEndGooner (1) [Avatar] Offline
Greetings, Marcin & Craig:

First and foremost, thank you very much for your efforts in writing Continuous Integration in .NET. This is a book topic I’ve been looking forwards to for quite some time, and to have an entire book dedicated to the subject of CI, and not just a chapter or two will prove itself invaluable to many developers, such as myself.

I wanted to bring the following items to your attention for consideration while going through the initial release.

There appears to be a usage error on page 25 with the sentence that reads as follows: “Subversion (SVN) will proof itself to be the source code control system of choice for us.” Isn’t prove a more appropriate verb to use than proof, a noun?

A number of times in the first chapter, you emphasize that most continuous or incremental builds complete, “preferably, in under five minutes”. Is this more of an arbitrary goal, or do you have from either professional experience, or additional third party resources that make the same assertion?” Yes, if you’re just getting the latest source elements of a project, not performing a “clean” of the output files or binaries from the previous build, an incremental build should be quicker to complete than a full release build, but why emphasize the five minutes? I think Marge Simpson, in an installment from “The Simpsons” last season had an apt quote to the affect of “Like most Americans, I always prefer instant gratification” {smilie Nonetheless, when dealing with a technical subject, is there any additional backing or motivation you could offer for this metric? Depending on the size, scope and complexity of the application, five minute or less incremental builds may be difficult to achieve.

For the introductory chapter, your description as a tie in for including code coverage in the CI process is concise and well summarized on page 14. I think having this quick definition on code coverage would be more impactful if presented at the same time NCover is presented as a tool in the CI example presented later on page 22.

Again, for a work in progress, I think it’s proceeding very well, and I’m excited about receiving additional updates to the text.

Best Regards…
craig.berntson (25) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Initial Feedback
Thanks for your feedback.

There are likely several usage/grammar/punctuation/etc errors. The book has not been copy edited yet. These issues should be picked up and corrected then.

Part of the goal of integration is to make it fast. You need the feedback as quickly as possible. Five minutes seems like a very short period of time, but is probably sufficient for most projects.

I'll review the other suggestions and see if they can be worked into the chapter.