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The Event Processing In Action book that Peter Niblett and myself are writing is getting to the last phase before getting to production. We have finished a full draft that is now going to through the publisher's review system. The book has a closely related website that is intended to enable the readers to have hands-on experience of the concepts described in the book using representatives of the various programming styles that exist within the state of the practice.
This is done by having a single example implemented in all these languages. Some of these implementations already exist on the website, some have just "placeholders" as reference to a site. Most allow downloading the software, and some using the "software as a service" model in a cloud. Six languages are already referred on the site, more will be added soon for example IBM's Websphere Business Events.

The website is being prepared by a group of students, and is now exposed for public review.
This is a first version, probably much to improve. So comments are appreciated.

The website is hosted in the book section if the EPTS website.

Link to the website is: http://www.ep-ts.com/content/view/74/108/
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What happened to the site -- really wanted to check out the tools -- even though the material might be dated - it still would be nice to see the materials (it is part of the reason I bought the book ;-( )