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smallfish (2) [Avatar] Offline
One might say that "EJB3 In Action" is actually two books in one. Both EJB3's core functionality (Session beans, message driven beans, interceptors, transactions, exceptions...) and Java Persistence API (JPA) are covered. Learning Enterprise Java Beans is not an easy task, no matter how cleaner EJB3 are compared to EJB2. "EJB3 In Action" achieves to make a lot of advanced topics look easy. Not only does it provide the necessary information to understand EJB3 in an enjoyable style, it also introduces some best practices, performance issues, and illustrates important concepts with relevant code snippets. There is enough examples to keep you busy trying it yourself on your favorite container, as well as the downloadable application which is used throughout the book. There are also chapters about interoperability with EJB2, about using EJB3 with the Spring framework, well enough to satisfy the most curious and avid developers. All in all, the authors have made a fantastic job keeping the reader focused and entertained.

I used this book to study Sun's SCBCD certification. Although the book does not go as deep into the EJB specification as the exam does, I'm confident enough to say that, armed with this book and an exam simulator to fill the gaps, any serious developer can successfully pass
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reza_rahman (456) [Avatar] Offline
Re: EJB3 in Action
The kind words are much appreciated. If you can, please also consider writing a review on Amazon. It is helpful for both the book and other readers.

tmpsa (16) [Avatar] Offline
It's a Good Book indeed. Did you pass the SCBCD certification only on it?

And Reza: any plans for an updated edition with all the new goodie stuff (e.g. JPA2 etc)?
reza_rahman (456) [Avatar] Offline
Re: EJB3 in Action

Yes, we are currently working on the second edition. As soon as we have a rough TOC, we will publicize it as widely as we can and solicit reader feedback.

omkar2omky (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: EJB3 in Action
I started reading EJB3 in action. and i am a newbie!
Where do I find the code snippets/example codes from the manning EJB3 in action book?
The old url is doen't exist now!!