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I'm trying to follow the code at ch. 5 and make Ajax to work.
My configuration is Oracle XE, Zend Server CE 4.0.5, Zend Studio 7.0.1 on a Win XP Pro virtual machine.
I have set up a virtual host at port 10089 so when I press the Yes or No button (see Figure 5.4) I get the message: Sorry, our feedback system hasn't worked. Please try later. However, fields helpful_yes and helpful_total get updated as I can see after a page refresh.
At the firebug console my URL is as follows :
GET http://localhost:10089/review/feedbak/format/json/id/71/helpful/1
and I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error at line 330 of connection.js :
(o.conn.send(postData || null);
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Re: Problem with Ajax in connection.js
To elaborate a bit more:
When the asyncRequest function is called the method is "GET' , the uri is "review/feedbak/format/json/id/71/helpful/1" and in callbak the baseURL="" and id=71
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Re: Problem with Ajax in connection.js
I've managed to solve the problem.
In ReviewController:
$this->view->helpful_yes = $review->HELPFUL_YES;
$this->view->helpful_total = $review->HELPFUL_TOTAL;

HELPFUL_YES and HELPFUL_TOTAL had to be in capital due to Oracle limitation.