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I have read the e-book version of my chapter, and I have a couple of small corrections.

On page 4, the second paragraph in the section "Fragments and persons", there is this sentence: "We require that his search string contain at least three contiguous characters". Should this not be be "contains"? My original has a "must" which the copy-editor has deleted, which may be alright, but it seems to lead to other errors.

On page 5 there are some hyphenation of already hyphenated words that looks ugly to me (but I am not a typesetter): "one-col-umn" and "table-val-ued". Shouldn't the line break be where the original hyphen is?

On page 9, directly after the point 2 in the text there is the word "Observer". This should be "Observe". (This is an error from my original text.)

On page 10, just above the list of bullets, there is this sentence "Most likely, at this point you are feeling unseasy and starting to ask all sorts of questions in disbelie, such as:" To me this sentence does not ring well, particulary not "feeling ... and starting".
My original had "Most likely, the reader at this point gets a certain feeling of unease, and starts to ask all sorts of questions in disbelief" which apparently did not appease the copy editor. But it seems the sentence could be given a third look.

At the end of page 15 and top of page 16 there is small table set in code font (per my original), which is split up over two pages. The table should of course be on a single page.

On page 16, the second paragraph in the section "Keeping the lists updated", there the sentence: "Thankfully, there is a simple recommendation: don't do it". My original has "solution" and not "recommendation", and I am disagreement with the copy editor here. It's a solution, that is the way should do it. Not just a recommendation, something you can opt to disobey.