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I'm fairly new to javascript and the jq framework. I'm following along the book and am currently on the asian bamboo grill events example, and the code doesnt seem to work with jq-1.3.2, but it does work with jq-1.2.1, can some one explain to me whats changed between both versions and how to get it to work with 1.3.2?

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Re: using 1.3.2 with jqia example
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Re: using 1.3.2 with jqia example
thank you so much.
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Re: using 1.3.2 with jqia example
Yes, they made some incompatible changes between jQuery 1.2 and 1.3 that give the examples (written to 1.2) some issues.

The examples for the book's second edition will eventually be written against 1.4, but are currently tested with 1.3.

The ones that are ready so far can be found at

The Bamboo Grill example has been replaced in the 2nd edition with a new example that better shows the newer additions to jQuery's event support. In fact, all of the 2nd edition examples are either new or rewritten to take advantages of jQuery's advances.