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I'm enjoying the book and hoping to use it to train undergrads in our lab.

Two small typos to report:

P.29 (2.2.6 Loops)
while True
(capitalize T)

P.31 (Listing 2.1)
# 2 Introductory text
(currently "caves")

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Re: Minor typo
Hi Nicop,

Good to hear that you like the book, and feedback is invaluable at this point in the book's development.

2.2.6 is definitely a typo, and will be fixed in future editions, but the second is a deliberate error - if you read on to listing 2.2 you'll see what I'm trying to do.


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Re: Minor typo
Oops, indeed. My mistake on listing 2.1; as though the "BANG!" in listing 2.2 wasn't obvious (grin). My oversight aside, that debugging exercise is quite effective.
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Re: Minor typo
One of the themes through the book is that the reader owns the programs in it, and they're encouraged to make changes of their own. So I wanted to introduce tracebacks and debugging (or the gist of it) fairly early on.

In my experience, initially most people will be quite put off by a traceback since it looks quite scary, but once they've seen a few and figured out roughly what they mean, they're a lot less confronting.