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Page 3
Secion 1.1.1 Scaling Up
"you application will can only"

Page 5
"Listing 1.1 gives the code listing for the ASP.NET Ajax Web Poll show shown in Figure 1.1."

Page 10
The Fabric (another name for all the hardware and software hosted in Windows Azure)
hash has a physical hardware and software infrastructure that is designed for fault tolerance and to meet the dynamic capacity demands of your applications."

Page 18
"Windows Azure provides the ability to storage store binary files (blobs) within a storage area
known as Blob Storage."

Page 29
"1.5 Non Technical Considerations
TODO: This section cannot be written until Microsoft release releases their Service Level Agreement and Pricing policies, later this summer."

Page 40
"The first thing we do in the page load method is write out to our log #1. This will help us
perform any system troubleshooting later one on"

"If you look really closely at the code, our web project doesn't really have nor do anything a normal web site wouldn't have."
I find the above sentence difficult to read

Page 52
"Learn in this amazing chapter"
I would remove amazing

"They were the underdog to the giants of Google and Amazon, who had been offering cloud services for years by that time."
According to Wikipedia Google App Engine was first released as a beta version in April 2008.

Page 55
"The optimization process drives out determines which exact motherboard, chipset, and every other component needs to be in the server."
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Re: Comments and Errors that I noticed on the version that downloaded yesterday
Thanks for all the great comments. We really appreciate it, this will really help us in getting this book to the best possible quaility.

thanks for your input