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I want to create a page which is displaying for my customers an overview of our server monitoring provider. So the index-page is quiet simple. I just shows the different services and their status.

But the admin area is a little bit more complex: There I want to configure which services are displayed, and which not, give them a custom caption and so on.

To provide actual data (which I can get over an XML API from my monitoring provider) I need a cronjob which is every minute updating the monitoring data.

I could program this in "normal non MVC" PHP without any problems. But there are a LOT questions doing this via ZF. I bought the german edition of "Zend Framework in Action" but I'm very usure about the following:

1. Do I need modules to get this done or should I do this over ACL? (for an admin-area)
2. Where do I find information about cronjobs and ZF? Do I need modules for them?

Because I'm a little bit in haste, it would be really nice if I can get an answer for my question.

Best regards and big thanks,
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Re: Module(s) or no module(s)?

Your should use ACL controls to control which parts of an app any given user is allowed to view. This should be done regardless of whether you use modules or not.

My personal preference is to use two separate modules: one for the front end and one for the administration system. However, if we ever get easily reusable modules in ZF, then maybe I'll change my mind smilie

For cronjobs, you probably want to be using a CLI type interface. I would start with Zend_Console_Getopt and using Zend_Controller_Request_Simple as the request object for my Front Controller. Similarly, I'd use Zend_Controller_Response_Cli as the response object.