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indrit (3) [Avatar] Offline

very nice book!

A simple question: in one of my applications I choose to do manual DI, I want to implement the custom scope concept and in particular I want to use the cache scope. My question is if I have done it correct, caching functionality is added into the object provider.

Is this correct? Or it is wrong because:
- the provider is doing 2 things (generate & cache) so SRP is somehow violated (probably because of the last, this implementation is wrong anyway)
- the provider have to be a no-scope provider (only generate)
- the caching logic must be within the injector; in this simple case doing manual DI the injector is actually a Factory

Is it correct to create a generic "Cache Provider" that uses a "No-scope Provider"? In this case cache-provider will handle only the caching and the no-scope provider will handle only the object generation. If I'm not wrong in this case this is the correct solution.

Please, give me a feedback. Thank you very much indeed.

public class TokenProvider extends AbstractProvider<Token> {
private final TokenService tokenService;

@GuardedBy("this") private Token cachedToken;

public TokenProvider(@Nonnull TokenService tokenService) {
this.tokenService = tokenService;

public Token get() {
return cachedGet();

private synchronized Token cachedGet() {
if (cachedToken == null || !cachedToken.isValid()) {
cachedToken = tokenService.generate();

return cachedToken;