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Hi Anthony,
I wonder if you would like to add an installation guide on MAC OSX.
Allthough it is very similar to Linux, I guess that a lot of people will have problems as it is not allways obvious where libraries and executables are stored on the MAC OSX filesystem and how to get there.

Many Thanks in advance for considering this request

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Re: Installation Guide for Mac OSX
Hi Marc,

That's definitely something that I'd like to add if I have time, and can wrangle access to a MacOSX machine from somewhere.

I'll let you know once I manage to do that.


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Re: Installation Guide for Mac OSX

same here. I would love to have a chapter on os x installation in this book.
While OS X has a decent python version (2.6.1 on 10.6) I (as a senior developer) have problems to get the python documentation working ...