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Chapter 1 is a very good read for someone (i.e., me) completely new to PostGIS. You might want to introduce WKB, HexWKB, and PostGIS's EWKT/EWKB formats.

I saw one typo on page 19: "Our heart linestring about is closed". I believe "about" should be "above".

Overall, extremely promising.

Thank you,
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Re: typo chapter 1
Thanks. We've fixed.

We introduce the other output formats in chapter 4 along with other more or less standard transport formats. We didn't want to bombard users with those in the first chapter.

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Re: typo chapter 1
Feels like nit-picking, as I've learned so much in just reading the first chapter, but here are some typos from Ch 1. I figure it will help with readability even though they're so minor.

Page 12: in the brief history gray box, the words "hay day" should be "heyday" - see

Page 15, first paragraph under 1.2.2, the word complimentary should be complementary (with an e)

Page 16, top in gray box "… no matter how big your pocketbook is, you can still afford…" would read better if it said "…no matter how small your pocketbook is, …"

Page 16, third line under 1.2.3 - change "before" to "before"

Page 21, middle: "…a closed linestring is imply a linestring where…" change imply to "simply"

Page 21, middle: "Our heart linestring about is closed." Omit the word "about"?

Page 27, last line: "… intent and purposes,…" should be "intents and purposes"
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Re: typo chapter 1

Thanks for the input.