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Hi! I keep getting the same error when i try to browse to the root:

Fatal error: Class 'Places_Controller_Plugin_ActionSetup' not found in /home/barret/www/places/application/bootstrap.php on line 37

I'm using Zend Framework 1.9.1 and the latest Place's code from the website. The files ActionSetup.php and ViewSetup.php are stored in /home/barret/www/places/library/Places/Controller/Plugin/ and the library folder is my include path.

Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks smilie

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Re: Chapter 4 - Fatal Error
I'd guess that you haven't added Places to the list of autoloader prefixes.

In your application.ini, you need something like:
autoloadernamespaces[] = "Places_"


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Re: Chapter 4 - Fatal Error
Thanks Rob, now it works!