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I am a huge fan of the Wicket Web framework and the fantastic book "Wicket In Action".
But some topics are missing. What about other components like DataGrid, Tabel, Tree ...?
Some Chapters maybe could a little bit more detailed.
I would like to read about integration in JEE.

Is a second edition of Wicket In Action planned?
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Re: Is a second edition of Wicket In Action intended?
I'm on page 51, and I like what I have seen so far. It seems like I have been doing a lot of coding/research (different version, learning some about Java, etc). I would like to recommend that pages 45-51 be broken up into sections that can be run/tested. As I go, I run the application to see if it will compile and load up into firefox, but the initial page just has simple text on it right now (a la TDD?).

I have adjusted my implementation of the exercises to use BigDecimal. I was surprised to the the double type used on price. This might not be a good example to set for others.