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Hi Tomas,

I was wondering if chapter 16 (events) could be re-aligned using the upcoming Rx by Erik Meijer. It has been announced that the IEvent facility will be re-cast into Rx by the time F# hits production.

This also applies to other .Net 4.0 features that affect F# and are touched upon in the book such as Tuples.


Dimitris Foukas
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Re: Reactive framework
Hi Dimitris,
I was thinking about using Rx as well. I'd definitely use it if it was standard part of .NET 4.0, but that applies only to the IObservable type (which will be mentioned, because it'll be also used by F#). However, the LINQ query capabilities for working with IQueryable are still experimental and a bit hard to use. I'll make sure that my examples are as close to Rx as possible, so that most of the code will work with Rx as well.

Regarding tuples - that's also a good point. I'll make sure the code works with .NET 4.0 tuples.