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JanSte (5) [Avatar] Offline
I've just bought the MEAP and read the first three published chapters.
This is great stuff, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the book.
I found some minor typos, I will post them separately.

chrishayuk (16) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Heya Jan,

I'm glad you are enjoying the book. Would love any feedback that you are happy to give.



brianhprince (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Thanks for the input, and we hope you like the next few chapters. Please let us know of ANY input or feedback you might have.
Mark Freedman (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Hi. I've enjoyed reading the early preview, and will have feedback soon.

I'm assuming the section on Live Framework would be changing in your next release, due to the recent changes at Microsoft:

I heard there's plenty up in the air around this right now (which is disappointing; it was exciting stuff that I just did a UG presentation on, and was just about to do another).

Hopefully, they'll have this sorted out well before your official book release.
chrishayuk (16) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Heya Mark,

Yes, you are right we are likely to remove the Live Framework section completely (both in Chapter 1 and later on in the book).

Thanks for the great feedback, really appreciated.

If you are interested in Live Framework, I think Brian will be writing a book on it, after this book is done
brianhprince (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
The Live Services In Action book is on hold right now until all of that stuff settles down. There is just too much change right now to try to write to. I hope it will be settled down by next Spring, but I am not sure. Just a guess.
Mark Freedman (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Wow -- you think the dust won't settle until next Spring? What will that mean short and long-term for Live Mesh? Oh, well. I'm afraid of MS missing the consumer boat -- especially the younger crowd -- to something like

Concerning feedback, are you looking more for content, or both content and typos? There are a bunch of typos, but should we leave those to the editor, perhaps? If not, I've got my red pencil sharpened smilie
brianhprince (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Great start
Mesh isn't going anywhere, don't worry. Spring is just my guess. Who knows, it could be sooner. I just don't know. This does give me the chance to focus on this book, and finish that one later, instead of working on two at once.

We are more focused on content related feedback, but any feedback is welcome. Manning has a fleet of editors that will help us sharpen the manuscript's language.