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The techniques suggested on Pages 115-116 regarding how to change the Office SharePoint Server Service account are just plain wrong and show clear misunderstanding of how to use SharePoint Central Administration and STSADM.

You should NEVER change a SharePoint service account in this way. You should always use either the SharePoint Central Administration user interface or, alternately, STSADM ( Making the change through the Services Control Panel does not communicate the necessary changes to the SharePoint Configuration database. In the event the server needs to be disconnected and reconnected to the farm SharePoint will configure the OSS Search service account using its last known information, which will be the prior service account.

Also, the screen shot on Page 116 shows the OSS Search service account running under the local administrator account. I understand screen captures are occasionally captured from development environments and used in how-to documentation, but suggesting not only that the administrator account be used but also that a non-domain account be used are both suggestions that defy best practices.

Please make the appropriate changes so that new users are not misled. Thank you.

PS: These two pages were literally the first two I have read in the final copy of the book. I am not hopeful.

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