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I'm not sure I follow you of the word "functional" in these sentences:

As well as a few simple shortcuts, the introduction of anonymous methods begins the movement toward a more functional style of programming—this trend continues in C# 3.

...this more functional style of coding is going to be increasingly important over time.

C# 2 has radically changed the ways in which delegates can be created, and in doing so itÂ’s opened up the framework to a more functional style of programming.

They are the same as "functional" in "functional programming"?
jon.skeet (483) [Avatar] Offline
Re: about "functional"
Yup, it's exactly the same functional as functional programming.

Delegates are about as close as .NET has to a first class function type. Anonymous methods and lambda expressions make them easy to create and use.

As another example, LINQ encourages a functional style of data querying: each clause in the query creates a new sequence, piggy-backing onto the previous one - as opposed to mutating the existing sequence, even if it could.

It's a shame there isn't more support for immutable values, immutable collections and tail-call-optimised recursion...
jerlin09 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: about "functional"
C# is other wise called as functional programming..
It mostly deal with higher order functions.

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newyorkdd (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: about "functional"
Functional programming is a programming paradigm that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids state and mutable data.

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Re: about "functional"
Bimonthly journal covering foundations, implementations, linguistics, applications, and other aspects of functional programming

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