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Hey please help me.

try {

PdfWriter.GetInstance(document, new FileStream(@"D:TrenutnoJ2K.pdf", FileMode.Create));

Image j2k = Image.GetInstance(@"C: empa.j2k"); // Dont work
Image jpg = Image.GetInstance(@"C: emp1.jpg"); // Work


why this not work Image j2k = Image.GetInstance(@"C: empa.j2k");
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Re: How to create PDF file using J2K (iTextsharp) C#
1. This is not the place to ask questions anymore as explained in the top post of the forum: http://www.manning-sandbox.com/thread.jspa?threadID=24197
2. JPEG 2000 is supported since October 5, 2007; maybe you're using an older version of iText(Sharp).

Note: the file with extension jpg is probably just JPEG, but j2k is a JPEG 2000 file.

Please post your question on the appropriate place including the image if this doesn't answer your question: http://www.1t3xt.com/about/contact.php