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How to use shp2sql to convert some shape files to SQL.

1. Found not possible in PGADMIN SQL window
2.. Also not possible in shell # prompt
3. In DOS command prompt is asking for password after shp2psql command is entered
In Pgadmin user= postgres as I have set
But in DOS prompt my windows user='Ravi' for which I dont have a user in Pgadmin
May be it is a newbee pitfall.

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Re: shp2psql
Use the packaged command line. See these cheat sheets



(We need to update the examples to use the -W "latin1" switch), since for none plain text you will get errors and miss some records if you leave that out.
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Re: shp2psql
I use the shp2psql plug-in all the time in PGADMIN III. I just wish it had a batch import capability.
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Re: shp2psql
It does now. Check out Mark's post. He would love if someone would test drive it more.

It will be packaged probably in PostGIS 2.0 (possibly another 1.5 release)


We haven't had a chance to test his latest build. Give it a try.

Leo and Regina