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Is the book useless with ZF 1.8? Are there that many changes?
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Re: Book useless with ZF 1.8?
I would suggest going with 1.7 which can be downloaded from the ZF site. Once you have completed the book you should have the skills require to migrate your app to 1.8.
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Re: Book useless with ZF 1.8?
Thank you jnunez for the reply, but was waiting for Rob's reply.

You can get all the versions from here


And the book is for version ZF 1.6
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Re: Book useless with ZF 1.8?
The most significant area of change is Zend_Application. This is an optional component, so the solutions for MVC in ZFiA should work okay.

The Zend_Loader deprecation warning will affect you though, otherwise, the code should work fairly well. The notes in http://akrabat.com/2009/04/30/zend_loaders-autoloader_deprecated-in-zend-framework-18/ will help.

Obviously the rest of the book is relevant as Zend_Pdf, Zend_Search, Zend_Cache etc haven't significantly changed.