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ayende.rahien (60) [Avatar] Offline
In 11.4.1, the operators && and || are represented as lazy evaluators.
That is actually an inaccurate statement. They are not lazy, they are short circuiting.
There is a big distinction between the two when you are talking about languages.
Tomas Petricek (160) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 11.4.1 Wrong explanation for || and && operators
Hi Ayende,
thanks for the feedback. I fixed the chapter so that it mentions short circuiting now. Anyway, your note about big distinction between short circuiting and lazy evaluation is a bit surprising to me. I'd say that short circuiting is just a (simpler) special case of lazy evaluation, with laziness declared only on the callee side (operator) as oposed on both sides which is typical in F# (Lazy<T> on callee side and 'lazy' keyword on caller side).

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this issue! BTW: Sorry for the late response. I'm checking the forum usually when I get to review the specific chapter.