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holla2040 (14) [Avatar] Offline
I made my way through 160 pages, through chapter 4, without actually running or playing with anything. The content, coverage, explanations, style are all very good but without a 'lab' experience the reading is all theoritical. Without lab breaks, the material is dense. I feel asleep several times. I remember hitting page 100 and thinking, 'I've read 100 pages and haven't done anything yet'.

May I suggest that you consider expanding your paint example snippets into something installable into knopflerfish or felix. I know you'd have to explain ant and all that jazz (or just have real buildable source examples) but it would go a long way to cementing concepts you're trying to explain.

As it stands, your book will be an excellent reference guide for me when I struggle through my first application's modules, lifecycles and services. After reading 160 pages, I haven't retained anything. Without workable examples, I'll have to figure out which sections of your book I'll have to re-read, then extrapolate your paint source onto my application architecture to figure out what's going on. Hope this make sense.

And now onto a real positive note, I knew basically nothing about OSGi this morning. This afternoon I understand a robust-mature-simple framework that I'll use for 2 current projects (both behind schedule because I couldn't figure out what to use. Your book's first 4 chapters will result in months shaved off my schedule as I immediately deploy functionality on top of OSGi instead of building infrastructure. Thank you.


Dr. Craig Hollabaugh,, 970 240 0509
Author of Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software and Interfacing
stuart.mcculloch (29) [Avatar] Offline
Re: read 160 pages without any 'Action'
Hi Craig,

As mentioned in an announcement at the top of this forum the example code is available from This includes a complete build system that lets you build and deploy the examples using Felix. The build is arranged by chapter and has very simple instructions, so you can easily try them out while you read.

While the MEAP draft doesn't contain explicit instructions to build and run the examples, we are weaving the instructions in at the moment - until then you might want to download the examples and give them a whirl.

Cheers, Stuart
richard.hall (87) [Avatar] Offline
Re: read 160 pages without any 'Action'
Thanks for the feedback. We were aware of this issue and other readers have mentioned it as well. The original issue was we weren't really sure how we wanted to include this information, so we left it out to start. And specifically for chapter 2, we could use another example or possibly spread the paint example our more. So, reiterating what Stuart said, we do plan to address this issue, so stay tuned.
holla2040 (14) [Avatar] Offline
Re: read 160 pages without any 'Action'
OK, OK, my bad. I should have done further research (like downloading the source code). Thanks for the reply, I'll keep reading.

Good luck with the writing and don't panic when you receive your edited drafts (blood red pages). Keep in mind that your tech editors don't hate you, they just want the best book possible.
holla2040 (14) [Avatar] Offline
Re: read 160 pages without any 'Action'
I did what you suggested and must say, this is really cool. ant built chapter01 jars without problems, ran main.jar (using felix) kicking out "Hello, service!". Then fired up knopflerfish, loaded consumer-3.0.jar and provider-3.0.jar, got the same result. Now I'm flat out dangerous. Thanks!
richard.hall (87) [Avatar] Offline
Re: read 160 pages without any 'Action'
Great! We will still try to make this more obvious in the chapters...