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Hi Tomas & Jon,
I purchased MEAP of your book on 6/12 and by now completed 5 chapters and I am glad that I bought it at the right time. With the concepts learnt from Don's book (Expert F#) your book is giving me practical ways to work and write programs in F#. The 4th chapter on drawing a pie chart was excellent read and provides unique experience of developing the first sample in F#.

A typo found on Page 144 (Listing 6.2). The output should be:
Hello world..
>>How are you today?
>>I am fine!
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Re: My early experience
Hi, I'm glad you're finding the book and the examples useful! Thanks for reporting the issue - you're right there is a typo in the example. I'll change the code of the listing so that it produces the expected output like this:

let (+>smilie a b = a + "
>> " + b;;
printfn ">> %s" ("Hello world!" +>
"How are you today?" +>
"I'm fine!");;

Output will be:

>> Hello world!
>> How are you today?
>> I'm fine!