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(last sentence of the first paragraph, page 21)

Error 1 : The current sentence is "However, lambda calculus escaped its original domain when computers were invented and
served as an inspiration for the first of functional programming languages."

To correct the sentence's grammar you should omit the word of in the last part of the sentence such that it is "served as an inspiration for the first functional programming languages"

(last sentence of the second paragraph in subsection 1.3.2 Functional programming on the .NET platform, page 22)

Error 2 : The current sentence is "As a result F# can be now more precisely described as a multi-paradigm language, which combines functional and object-oriented
approach, together with a great set of tools that allow using F# interactively for scripting.

I suspect you mean ".., which combines both functional and object-oriented approaches, together with .."
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Re: Section 1.3 The path towards real-world functional programming
Hi, thanks again - all of these errors should be now corrected.

BTW: the book will go through proof-reading later during the editing, so minor bugs like these should be found later. But It's of course useful if you report the bug when you spot one, so that we can fix it as soon as possible.