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I haven't seen an example of this yet in the book but I am half way through chapter 11 and think this is an unusual one so I am wondering if someone can give me a quick how-to-do. All I want to do is get the parameters from the URL that is calling my wicket page. The URL is something like:


I just want to get the "ss_token=starlton..." within my page. I thought it would be this.getPageParameters() but that keeps coming back null.
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Re: URL parameters
Too funny, I spent several hours trying different approaches and scouring the internet for examples. I finally caved and put a post on this forum and shortly after that I stumbled into code later in chapter 11 that clued me in one what I was doing wrong. You have to instantiate your page constructor using the PageParameters instead of no parameters like the examples before hand. I should have figured that one out much earlier -- @#$%!

Anyway, solved this question by changing:

public Index() {

PageParameters parms = this.getPageParameters();


public Index(final PageParameters parms) {