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DavidK (3) [Avatar] Offline
Here are some points on which I'm not sure whether they are correct:

Page 10:
The heading says "Creating user interface using imperative and declarative style (C#)" but the declarative style is shown in the left column. In my opinion this may be somewhat puzzling in the beginning.

Page 41:
"Language oriented Programming in LISP" should be a header in my opinion.

Page 167: has the signature 'T list -> 'R list because a transformation takes place.
According to the listing List.filter has 'T list -> 'R list too. This isn't correct as far as I see. ((T' -> bool) -> 'T list -> 'T list)

Page 182:
The presented part of your book uses the old title "Functional Programming in .NET", maybe this should be adjusted to match the new title.

Page 233:
In line 5 ,NET should be changed to .NET
In the heading to section 9.3 a space is missing between the number and the "Improving.."

Page 241:
The listing 9.8 isn't marked with the attribute which language is used. (The other listings in the chapter are)

Page 246:
The C# source is somewhat strange indented. The "{" after the using should be move to the right so it lines up with the closing parenthesis.

Page 251:
The heading matching to the listing of the ClientTest Interfaces is missing.

Page 284:
In the heading to section 10.3.2 is some strange sign at the end, a '|' or something like this.

I'm really enjoying the rewritten book so far, great work!

With best regards
Tomas Petricek (160) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Some minor unclarities/errors
Hi David,
I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the book so far! Thanks very much for all the points - we haven't discovered any of them, so your feedback was very useful! I just fixed these isssues in the manuscript, so they should all be fixed in the next version (and in the final printed version too!)