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I am generating pdf in java using itext. I want to display the different
headers on different pages. I'm using one single document and pages are
getting added to it at run time. I have got 5 servlets written to generate
the whole pdf. At start of every servlet i've written the code for header
the problem is when its get generated the header gets added to the one more
extra page.
to get clear idea i am including the eg below.
Eg 1-3 pages i want header1 to get display.
4-7 pages I want header2 to get display.
8-10 Pages I want header3 to get display
The actual output which i get is as follows.
1-4 header1
5-8 header2
9-10 header3

Even I used the page event method onStartPage for this, but same problem continues.
Please help me to resolve this issue.
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Re: Headers are not getting added properly in itext document.
That's because you did something wrong.
The first thing you could do to correct this, is to read this thread that was ON TOP OF THIS FORUM:
Then you should go to http://1t3xt.com/about/contact.php and post the question on the appropriate place. However: your question reveals that this isn't a bug in iText; it's a bug in your code (to be solved using elementary logic), so you'll have to provide more info or you won't get any answer there either.